Tree Removal Hiring Guide

If you’ve chosen to hire a tree removal outfit to help you remove a tree on your property, it means you’ve come to the realization of how complicated it can be to get rid of a tree and you’ve taken the wise decision to outsources it. However, even the process of selecting a tree removal company also has some complexities of its own. This is the reason why our friends over at Portland Photo Booth have put together this guide which will help to direct you on how exactly to choose the right company to hire for the removal of trees without any problems.

Below are the salient points to consider


  1. Make Enquiries: This is the first place to start from, ask around, check internet reviews and talk to people who’ve hired the tree removal company before. Previous customer experience is a veritable way by which you can quickly assess the level of service quality you are likely to experience when you hire a company.

  2. Specify Terms and Conditions: There are two major aspects to this point. The first is that you need to make concrete arrangements about what specific services should be carried out and the exact amount that will be paid for them. Do you plan to only remove leaves and branches alone or get the whole tree removed? Do your service fees include stump removal or are you going to be charged extra for that? Will the company be responsible for transporting the felled tree or do you have to make other arrangements? These are questions you should ask and have answered together with agreements on price. It is advisable to have all of this set down in writing and signed both by you and the company. The reason for all these precautions is that gray areas may often lead to arguments and accusations of cheating. Also, be sure to specify what will happen in the event of damages, some companies may mischievously slip in a clause in the contract stating that you will be responsible for any damaged utilities or properties in the course of the work. Be sure to read the contract thoroughly and object to any terms you do not agree with.

  3. Make Early Bookings: Getting in touch with your chosen tree removal company way ahead of time is a wise move that will be beneficial to both parties. The company will have enough time to make preparations for the project while you will also have enough time to conclude on the scope and limits of the job and terms and conditions as stated in the second point.

  4. If you can, be present: If possible, clear your schedule and make some effort to be around on the agreed date of the tree removal You do not have to stay throughout the whole operation, but it’s advisable for you to try to oversee things at least at the beginning to ensure that it all goes according to plan.


Factors to Examine when Choosing Tree Service

Every homeowner who grows a tree in their yard should never discount the importance of hiring a professional tree service. This type of service will not only ensure tree health but will also see to it that your trees won’t bring any hazard or danger to your property or family.

If you live in an area where it is prevalently rainy or storms occur more frequently, the more that you need to consider using a tree service. You can have your trees totally removed or you can go for regular trimming to make sure that the branches won’t grow excessively.

With so many tree services around, it is essential to know how to find the best one that suits your needs and budget. A good amount of research matched with your diligence can lead you to find such service. When dealing with different tree service providers, make sure to examine the following factors carefully in order to select the right one for you and your needs.

  • Certification and training. This should be one of the first things you need to look into when choosing a tree service. A professional tree service has experienced and licensed employees. This makes them qualified to do the job. Tree service can be a risky job and should only be performed by individuals who have received a licensing program.


  • Good reputation. Tree services will be quick to say they are the best when it comes to performing tree trimming, cutting, pruning, removal and other tree-related tasks. However, it is not a good idea to immediately trust them. By doing a search online and finding customer reviews, you are most likely to see for yourself if they are exactly who they claim to be. How their previous customers have rated them or their services will help you find out if they are a reputable company or not.


  • Liability protection. Tree services are a risky undertaking and you certainly want to hire a company that has insured staffs for your protection. This will give you peace of mind throughout the process. In case some misfortunes happen while they are in the middle of doing their job, you will not be held responsible.


A company that won’t give you liability protection can be a headache. Plus, this is also a red flag that they are not legit companies and they can put you in serious trouble. You should avoid these companies at all cost.

Choosing a tree service can be a difficult task and it requires adequate research in order to land at one that can definitely provide you with the results you were hoping to see. You should not rush into hiring just any company you come across with, no matter how immediate your need for the service may be. You don’t want to run into the problem of hiring an inexperienced company. Also, don’t be lured right away by cheap services. They do not always give a guarantee to a quality and efficient service.


A producer of oxygen and stored carbon dioxide are the two main functions of a tree and there are some more few. Even if a tree is an essential part of the environment, trees also gets weak and sometimes also gets a certain disease which can lead to decays.  

Tree removal is a very complicated and dangerous process. If you are not a professional and is not skilled in doing tree removal, better seek help from those trained to do such job. People without background and proper knowledge of tree removal who still insists of doing this hazardous process, results to injuries by falling limbs, an error in the equipment and tools used and sometimes even the tree causes injuries..   A person who does tree removal jobs, or popularly known as arborists, must have an in depth knowledge of biology, physics of a tree, appropriate tools used for the process, and exceptional cutting techniques.

 As mentioned above, there are possible risks in tree removal.  The first risk involves power lines.  If the tree subjected for tree removal is near power or utility lines, you must be careful of live wires. The danger here is when your tools or even you hit the lines, your neighborhood would have no electricity. But if you are unfortunate, the real risk here is being electrocuted.  And even with the weather-proofing black material covers the power lines, there is still a big chance of getting electrocuted.  The second risk is the use of improper equipment.  A professional tree remover has a specific gear to protect them from head to toe, from the possible injuries and fatality that can happen during the tree removal process. A professional and skilled tree remover are trained in using the tools needed for the process.

These tools include chain saws, cranes, ropes and wood cutters. These tools are used to be able to have a safe and successful tree removing process.   A decaying wood is also considered a risk factor during the tree removal process. A tree that is dying are said to be decaying in its interior and exterior parts, given this, it is therefore unstable and lacks support.  If you think your tree is dying or decaying, it is the best time to call a professional to remove it. Do not wait for it to collapse and create damages to your neighborhood. Only professional tree removers can remove decayed trees, for the process involves the knowledge of advanced tree biology, which is needed in removing trees. Lastly, gravity is also considered a risk factor. Because of gravity, when the tree falls, you do not have any idea on where it will land. Again, professional tree removers were trained to do sound judgement on a tree, so it will not fall on people, homes and utility lines.


Tree pruning is an essential process of tree service. Trees form an essential part of the environment. This makes it important to take good care of trees. Mistakes in the pruning process not only makes your tree look horrible but it also causes damages. Sometimes the damages kill your tree. Some damages will render your tree unproductive. This is the main reason why no one should attempt to prune trees if they have no experience. There are mistakes which are commonly done. These mistakes sometimes may seem as the best way to trim your trees. These mistakes should be avoided at all cost. The following are the top common mistakes that are repeatedly committed when pruning trees.

  • Topping the Tree

The topping is a very common and harmful tree pruning practice. This is done mostly by inexperienced tree pruning companies or individuals. This is a type of pruning that is characterized by removing the main branches or cutting the top of the tree. No one can ever give a reason why this practice is so common. Topping leads to tree stress, disease, and insect infestation. The tree also starts decaying from the point at which the tree is cut. Most people use this a way to prevent the tree from overgrowing. Other methods should be used instead of topping pruning. Topping brings more harm than the good it does.

  • Pruning at the Wrong Time

Pruning trees do not only require the art and skills but also a perfect timing. A proper timing is as good as skillful pruning. There are trees that should only be treated in a particular season of the year for them to stay productive the whole of the year. Therefore, before pruning ensure you prune at the right time. If they are a flower or fruit tree you should only prune them a season before their budding season. The reason for the tree pruning should also dictate the best time to prune your trees. Key determinants of the time of pruning are the type of tree, season, climatic condition, size of the tree, location and the purpose of running. For the best pruning timing consult from tree service professional who has a wide experience in this function.

  • Over Pruning

This is a common mistake especially done by people with less experience in tree pruning. It’s the pruning where much of the tree is removed at the same time. According to the tree experts, it said that pruning should only be done for 15% up to 20% of the tree at a given time. This should even be lower up to 10%. When you prune too much of the tree you harm it. Its growth becomes stunted. Transfer of food, nutrients, and water are also affected.

The overall production and the performance of the tree are affected by this excessive pruning. When you over prune you open many wounds on the tree. This, in turn, leads to spread of sunscalds and diseases. The impact of over-pruning can be felt on the tree for a very long period of time.