A producer of oxygen and stored carbon dioxide are the two main functions of a tree and there are some more few. Even if a tree is an essential part of the environment, trees also gets weak and sometimes also gets a certain disease which can lead to decays.  

Tree removal is a very complicated and dangerous process. If you are not a professional and is not skilled in doing tree removal, better seek help from those trained to do such job. People without background and proper knowledge of tree removal who still insists of doing this hazardous process, results to injuries by falling limbs, an error in the equipment and tools used and sometimes even the tree causes injuries..   A person who does tree removal jobs, or popularly known as arborists, must have an in depth knowledge of biology, physics of a tree, appropriate tools used for the process, and exceptional cutting techniques.

 As mentioned above, there are possible risks in tree removal.  The first risk involves power lines.  If the tree subjected for tree removal is near power or utility lines, you must be careful of live wires. The danger here is when your tools or even you hit the lines, your neighborhood would have no electricity. But if you are unfortunate, the real risk here is being electrocuted.  And even with the weather-proofing black material covers the power lines, there is still a big chance of getting electrocuted.  The second risk is the use of improper equipment.  A professional tree remover has a specific gear to protect them from head to toe, from the possible injuries and fatality that can happen during the tree removal process. A professional and skilled tree remover are trained in using the tools needed for the process.

These tools include chain saws, cranes, ropes and wood cutters. These tools are used to be able to have a safe and successful tree removing process.   A decaying wood is also considered a risk factor during the tree removal process. A tree that is dying are said to be decaying in its interior and exterior parts, given this, it is therefore unstable and lacks support.  If you think your tree is dying or decaying, it is the best time to call a professional to remove it. Do not wait for it to collapse and create damages to your neighborhood. Only professional tree removers can remove decayed trees, for the process involves the knowledge of advanced tree biology, which is needed in removing trees. Lastly, gravity is also considered a risk factor. Because of gravity, when the tree falls, you do not have any idea on where it will land. Again, professional tree removers were trained to do sound judgement on a tree, so it will not fall on people, homes and utility lines.