Tree Removal Hiring Guide

If you’ve chosen to hire a tree removal outfit to help you remove a tree on your property, it means you’ve come to the realization of how complicated it can be to get rid of a tree and you’ve taken the wise decision to outsources it. However, even the process of selecting a tree removal company also has some complexities of its own. This is the reason why our friends over at Portland Photo Booth have put together this guide which will help to direct you on how exactly to choose the right company to hire for the removal of trees without any problems.

Below are the salient points to consider


  1. Make Enquiries: This is the first place to start from, ask around, check internet reviews and talk to people who’ve hired the tree removal company before. Previous customer experience is a veritable way by which you can quickly assess the level of service quality you are likely to experience when you hire a company.

  2. Specify Terms and Conditions: There are two major aspects to this point. The first is that you need to make concrete arrangements about what specific services should be carried out and the exact amount that will be paid for them. Do you plan to only remove leaves and branches alone or get the whole tree removed? Do your service fees include stump removal or are you going to be charged extra for that? Will the company be responsible for transporting the felled tree or do you have to make other arrangements? These are questions you should ask and have answered together with agreements on price. It is advisable to have all of this set down in writing and signed both by you and the company. The reason for all these precautions is that gray areas may often lead to arguments and accusations of cheating. Also, be sure to specify what will happen in the event of damages, some companies may mischievously slip in a clause in the contract stating that you will be responsible for any damaged utilities or properties in the course of the work. Be sure to read the contract thoroughly and object to any terms you do not agree with.

  3. Make Early Bookings: Getting in touch with your chosen tree removal company way ahead of time is a wise move that will be beneficial to both parties. The company will have enough time to make preparations for the project while you will also have enough time to conclude on the scope and limits of the job and terms and conditions as stated in the second point.

  4. If you can, be present: If possible, clear your schedule and make some effort to be around on the agreed date of the tree removal You do not have to stay throughout the whole operation, but it’s advisable for you to try to oversee things at least at the beginning to ensure that it all goes according to plan.